Benefit Portals

Our agency offers access to a secure online benefits management system.  It is a system where you and your employees can access all of your critical benefit information anytime, anywhere.  Nothing can replace the attention of Secure Benefit Solutions, but with our technology, our agency is going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.  Don't settle, start expecting the best!

  • Cloud based technology stores all of your benefit information in one place

  • You have 24/7 secure web access

  • View your summary of benefits, network options and review plan costs

  • Store any HR Forms and documents

  • Create employee benefit statements

  • Employees can view all of their personal benefit information at any time


Key Features


Performance Evaluations 

Performance reviews are important because they help the employer and employee become more familiar with areas that need improvement and those that are working well.  Reviews can be one of the best tools for developing an employee's career.




Employee Benefit Statements

Employee Benefit Statements are an effective human resource tool to communicate the value of employer sponsored benefits. Using customized, individual benefit statements, employees can better understand the financial committment their employer has made in them.




Employee Onboarding

We offer you the ability to perform Transactional Onboarding, which is another way of saying new hire paper management. The idea of Transactional Onboarding is to automate as much of the initial paperwork that a new employee must complete when hired as possible. By using our solution you will see reduced costs when hiring new employees. Your company will use less paper, and printing as well as a reduction in copying of documents. You will not have to worry about shipping forms or faxing forms to another location, they can be stored long term. You can add in your own required corporate forms to your own Resource Library for new hires to fill out on day one.






Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Our agency offers "cloud based" technology that provides 24/7 access of your SBC documents to your employees via our secure benefit portal tool. Our clients can even request an electronic signature from each employee acknowledging receipt of this important information. Don’t wait for one of your employees to make a request for their SBC documents which will start the 7 day compliance timeline. Share them proactively using our software! Call our agency today to learn more about our solution! Let our agency help you eliminate the possibility of future penalties for non-compliance.


















Human Resource Information Management (HRIM)


For a small or medium-sized business having a dedicated resource to store and maintain employee specific information to protect their business is essential. If the employer has to respond to an EEOC or DOL complaint and/or an onsite investigation having access to the appropriate documentation can be the difference between success or a substantial fine.