Group Benefits

Medical, Dental and Vision


At SBS we approach things differently. As your Advisor we work with you to understand what you want to accomplish with your benefit plan and establish where you want it to be in 3-5 years. We can provide benchmarking to make sure you’re competitive with your peers. Assessing your current benefits portfolio, researching the market place, making appropriate recommendations based on what you are trying to accomplish, and then working on implementing the agreed upon programs is our consistent four step approach.



Short and Long Term Disability


In today’s economy it seems more and more people live paycheck to paycheck. We all think to insure our home, our car, even our pets; but most people don’t insure their income. We make it a point to discuss with our employer groups different strategies by which they can make these Disability programs available to their employees. The gamut can run from the employer providing them at no cost to the employee all the way to the employer sponsoring them and allowing the employee’s to pick and choose. We work to create ways for the employees to get their disability benefits tax free.



Voluntary/Worksite Marketing


The days of the insurance man coming to our homes and sitting with us at the kitchen table are pretty much gone plus the fact that more and more employees look to their employer as their main source of benefits, makes offering voluntary benefits an attractive option. The menu can be as extensive as the employer wishes. Common items you’ll see on a voluntary benefits menu are: life insurance- most have a guarantee issue amount, accident plans, critical illness, cancer, and both kinds of disability insurance.